Ufo Sightings

Top 10 Unexplained UFO Sightings of All Time

There’s probably nothing more unsettling or startling than seeing an unidentified flying object in the sky. Sometimes it is hard to believe that unsolved mysteries still exist in this day and age. Here,I have compiled the top 10 unexplained UFO sightings throughout history.

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The RB-47 Encounter of 1957,
The Battle of Los Angeles,
1951 Lubbock lights UFOs in Texas,
The Belgian UFO Wave Triangle,
The Phoenix Lights,
McMinnville UFO Pictures, 1950,
UFO sighting over Salem, Massachusetts, 1952,
UFO sighting over Eugene,. / The Kinross Air Force Base Incident, 1953,
CIA Declassified UFO picture of 1965 in Omaha, Nebraska USA,
The Black Knight, A 13000 Year Old Alien Satellite,

Top 10 Unexplained UFO Sightings of All Time

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