Top 10 Strangest Things That Happen To Your Body In Space

Space is the final frontier. Being in zero gravity for extended periods of time does some wacky things to the human body. Unless aliens show up and teach us how to deal with these unique challenges, it’s up to scientists to discover ways for the human body to cope.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Things That Happen To Your Body In Space! Muscle Atrophy – Gravity, of course, is what allows you to walk around on the earth with your feet on the ground. In space, your main mode of transportation is floating instead. Space Eurphoria – The mind is the most important part of the body, so how is it affected by living up in space? Many astronauts have reported that their time in space was a seriously enlightening and perspective changing time of their life. Space Radiation – Luckily for us down here on earth, our atmosphere protects us from cosmic radiation. However, Astronauts outside this atmosphere – out in space – do not have this luxurious blanket, and so they’re exposed to ten times more radiation than they would be if they were on earth. Vision problems – If you spend too much time in space, the backs of your eyeballs will flatten just a tiny little bit. This is as bad as it sounds, and it causes your vision to blur.

A Strange Smell – One question that isn’t really explored in many science fiction books or films is what exactly does space smell like? Wouldn’t it just smell like whatever earth smells like? Space Adaption Syndrome – If you go too long without earths’ gravity holding down your body, you could end up with “space sickness”, formally known as space adaption syndrome. Confinement Craziness – If you have a family, a roommate, or have even simply interacted with another human being, you should know that if you put a bunch of people in a confined area for an extended period of time, problems are bound to arise. Your immune system gets worse – Space also takes a toll on your immune system, which you need to protect your body against diseases more than ever in space. You’ll lose bone mass – Here on earth, you maintain your bones thanks to the natural power of gravity and mechanical loading. Osteoblasts, which are cells that regulate the bone matrix, and osteoclasts, which absorb one matrix, continually remodel your bone mass. Your heart weakens – The heart, perhaps the most important muscle you have, is also affected by a lack of gravity. The very size and shape of the human heart is changed by a trip to space.

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