The truth about orgone, astral projection and everything you need to know

In this video i give you the truth about POPULAR new age topics such as Orgone energy and Astral Projection, that they DON’T want you to know. This is definitely NOT one to be missed.

Comments are disabled due to the HIGH controversial nature of this video. besides there should be NO questions as i have pretty much covered EVERYTHING in this video. bottom line is this new age movement is a deception.

Yes Orgonite does work, but from my experience there are orgone devices that are WAY MORE effective than others. If you like orgone pyramids then that is fine, but im telling you from my experience that orgone domes are MUCH MORE effective. Yes orgone pyramids are prettier, but you don’t buy it to look pretty, you buy it for protection. so if you want a pretty, expensive paper weight then go with those orgone pyramids, but if you want something that WORKS, then go with the orgone domes.

Now when it comes to astral projection, there really is nothing left to be said, the truth is in the name, astral PROJECTION. you are NOT actually leaving your body. Yes leaving your body is possible, but if you could do this, then why would you come back??????
So this OBE, astral projeciton sh*t is just some more new age feel good propaganda.

Also for the record i did eventually have an “out of body experience” and guess what there was NO etheric cord, as it was simply a PROJECTION, and i had just projected an image of myself out side of my body. but i NEVER actually left my body.

Sources for this video are as follows:-
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My very own wisdom sutras 🙂

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