The real truth about orbs

The final truth about the connection between ghosts and orbs.

One day we noticed a pair of orbs in our bedroom. Due to the popularity on YouTube about orbs, we decided to find out what an orb is.

Here it is…

Please rate and comment! Would be fun to know what you think about “orbs”. 🙂

Many people are giving me videos and photos with “real” orbs, to show me the difference in how they look. Unfortunately you cant see it in my video, but these “orbs” looks exactly the same as your “real ghosts”. Yes yes… same “rings” in the “orb” and everything you can imagine. I think i will take a close up on a dust orb and compare them in my next video. Dont be pissed about this. Just wait and see. This does not mean i dont believe in ghosts. I believe in ghosts but not neccessarily orbs.

I hope this info will reduce some comments. Enjoy!

– Robert

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