Area 51

The Real Stories Of Area 51 You Need to Know Before Sept 20th

10 Crazy facts behind the Area 51 rumors.

From the time it first became operational, the military base known as Area 51 was associated with aliens and UFOs. Today, the base is receiving a great deal of renewed attention. Yet, between the rumors and conspiracy theories floating around, it’s hard to know what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to Area 51. In this video we’re sifting through the information that’s out there to bring you the facts about the mysterious base.

We’ll tell you how Area 51 came to be and why the mysterious aircraft flown out of the base led many to believe they’d seen a UFO. We’ll talk about why some believe aliens and their technology are being stored there and why some believe aliens have been sighted there. We’ll also turn our attention to some of the things that continue to fuel the rumors about Area 51 today, including its strange security, the local tourist industry that thrives off alien lovers, the sort-of- secret airline that brings workers to and from the base, the base’s never-ending expansion, and the suspicious crash in the area that happened in 2017. We’ll also share some educated guesses about what could be going on there currently.

If you’ve ever wondered about the real story behind Area 51, push play for all the info.

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