The Real Face of Jesus Christ Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello

This incredible photograph was processed in 2011 by Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello using Infrared Spectroscopic Angular Filming. It is one of 2 that have been processed from the original Guiseppe Enrie 1931 negatives. This is a true processing by Ruello and has no computer generated imagery or any photoshop. We can see the real skin and soft hair and the amazing countenance of our Lord and Messiah.

The extraordinary processing technique reveals the true elements of the now clearly visible holographic life like photograph dispeling the eroneous theories that it was once believed to be a painting.

Ruello is hoping to be invited to the Vatican one day to photograph and process the Veronica Veil of which startling photographs have already been released of the encoded hidden image which he now calls the ” second shroud ”

It is the only one of its kind in the world. Ruello using the same film process discovered the alive face of Holy Jesus Christ in the Vatican Veronica Veil soon after the processing of the Holy face of Jesus Christ in the Shroud of Turin. Sharing and Personal Use Allowed (C) V G Ruello 2011

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