Alien Abductions

The Greys & Men In Black Alien Abductions / UFO Close Encounters – Rense Radio Show *Sightings*

This radio interview was done in 2010 on the Jeff Rense Radio Show “Sightings”.
I have revamped this to include images that can help portray a more accurate scenario for people to understand.

This radio show does not include all my sightings…only some.

The rest and more can be found at my site/blog.

Google: Taken by the greys …to continue your quest..

..or go to my site here:

To learn more on my close encounters.. this link takes you to part one of my written encounters..There are a total of 4 parts that may open your eyes to what people do experience with ET and UFOs. I do have more recent that can be found in the right hand column of my site.

Click here:

This link will lead you to what I am aware for alien agendas with the greys. It may not be all of it…but it is likely the most important part of it

Peace, T.

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