Barack Obama's Birth Cetficate

The Devil’s In The Details with Wyme Wruscel #2: The Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy

On this episode of…The Devil’s In The Details Radio Show, Wyme holds down the studio bunker and releases critical information regarding the controversy over OBAMA’S LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE. While co-host Nestor Rodriguez adds his flavor via phone from New York City, funnyman Sal Rodriguez host of Registered Ear Offenders on Skidrow shares the mic with Wyme to rampage through the facts. Wyme and Sal methodically expose key details in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse and the Joel Gilbert investigations. Wyme reflects on the evidence,closing with an emotional and heartfelt plea for the truth. Theories and thoughts abound as Wyme and Sal share their own conclusions on who our President might really be.

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