The Best Ouija Board Session Ever Caught On Cam

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Another attempt to do a Charlie Charlie not working because is fake so I got on the Ouija Board …That’s what I called real. Hello..I am founder for Ghost Hunter Of Stockton California.. My name is Samol …. I have had extensive experience with the paranormal since I was 5 years old. When I was 15 I moved into my current home with my family and have experienced a lot of paranormal activity. I’m trying to document my experiences here by using ghost hunting equipment. Paranormal videos! Real life paranormal investigator and Live Stream..I do hunting spirits in my own home…I also do ghost hunting in scary haunted locations..Check out my Creepy investigations and paranormal activity caught on tape! The search for the Paranormal of the middle earth, using the latest equipment available. Here is my Youtube channel link :

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