Alien Abductions

The Alternate Reality : part 2 in the Alien Abduction Series

Star people have the capability to visit humans within the physical plane for a limited period of time but, for the majority of cases, humans are taken from the physical reality and transported to an alternate plane of existence. They are actually moved from their physical bodies into another level of the self – a consciously aware, REAL experience that seems to take place on the etheric plane.

At night time when you sleep, your consciousness sometimes gets up and walks around. It can access different levels of your energy body and, if you are aware, you can keep your conscious awareness there for a while to experience life in the “alternate reality.” Your awareness can move back and forth between the physical, etheric, and astral forms that make up who you are as a multidimensional being.

The etheric body resembles the physical body in every way except that it is made of connecting lines of sparkling blue light, like a web or matrix for the physical form to rest on. This is where the physical form is manifested.

When you are in your etheric body, you may have the opportunity to interact with other multidimensional beings who are also visiting the etheric plane. There are different types of beings travelling around through the ether. Some of them are interacting with human beings. You might run into star people, aliens, demons, friendly spirits, other travelling humans, and strange otherworldly beings.

Alien Abduction takes place on the etheric plane. The human consciousness leaves the physical body and moves into the ether. If you are an aware, conscious individual, you will know this is happening and you will have a chance to learn many new things. If you are unaware, you will probably not even remember it happened, and you will not have an opportunity to consciously take part.

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