The Great Pyramids

A journey in time and history of the magical land of Atlantis

Its said in myth and legend that the builders of the great pyramids on the Giza plateau, Egypt came from Atlantis at the time of...
Secrets of The Vatican

Anti-Christ set to appear in Third Temple? (R$E)

Evidence the ‘Third Temple’ is being prepared and the implications of these talks in Jerusalem. Interview ‘Live in Jerusalem’ with Dr. Anthony Harper of IMCNews....

Interview with Paul Burley – The Ancient Symbolism of Stonehenge

TruthAdmin In this interview, Paul Burley, author of ‘Stonehenge: As Above, So Below’, explores the ancient symbolism of the enigmatic stone circle in Wiltshire, England,...
9/11 Attacks

9/11 PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING in the movie Conspiracy Theory? (1997)

Copyright allowance is used under Fair Use Law. Intended for educational and research use only. My first try at video editing so don’t be too...
The Moon Landing

Jay Weidner “Kubrick´s Odyssey How Stanley Faked the Moon Landings”

Further videos are available in favourites, play lists on my channel and complementary video responses. Mirrored: “Jay Weidner is an author, filmmaker and hermetic scholar,...

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