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Fake Jesus Fake Imam The EVENT

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September 2015

Blood Moon Prophesy!!! Final Pope Francis To Declare Antichrist 2015!!! Apollyon CERN End of Days

CERN Prophesy End of Days Apollyon September 2015 Final Pope Blood Moon Prophesy! Pope Francis arrives in America in late summer. The Shemitah cycle looks...

NASA Examines the Mayan Prophecy Claims and Facts | Space Science HD video

Visit my website at – this video explains the facts behind the Mayan Prophesy/End of the World claims. Please rate and comment, thanks! Video Credits:...
Harold Camping

Will the world end on May 21 2011 – Prophecy Today Video Update

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung discusses the claim by Family Radio’s Harold Camping and his followers, that the world will end in judgment on May 21, 2011....
Harold Camping

Harold Camping’s Prophecy Will Fail – By David de Loup & Sarah Hewer

Help for all of Harold Camping’s followers when his predicted date of the rapture and the end of the world fails. When Harold’s prophecy fails...

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