Antarctica – Sorry We’re Closed! (Taboo Conspiracy Mirror)

Original link here: Subscribe to Taboo Conspiracy’s awesome channel here: Taboo Conspiracy’s video description: ‘This is a long video. I wanted it to be short...
Aliens And Ufo's

Phenomenon ☕ UFO Tunguska Event Documentary Secret Cover Up 👽 the Russian Roswell 2

Phenomenon: UFO Tunguska Event Documentary Secret Cover Up – The Russian Roswell – Phenomenon YouTube Playlist . Graham Birdsall, NASA Secrets, UFO Footage, Sightings, Reports,...
Attempted Pope Assassinations

Gunman who shot Pope John Paul II asks for a meeting with Francis during tour of Turkey

The Turkish gunman who shot Saint John Paul II in the 1981 assassination attempt has seen his request to meet the current Pope ignored. Mehmet...
Attempted Pope Assassinations

Was Pope John Paul I Assassinated?

Pope for only 33 days, John Paul I officially died of natural causes – but is this the truth? —————— Video Endboard Links: – Scientology...
Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls – Course 1 – 1D

Prof. Eisenman continues this very enlightening course on the Dead Sea Scrolls, along with a history of the Hebrews. “The books used in this course...
The Voynich Manuscript

#005: The Voynich Manuscript (Mill Valley, April 1983) ~ Terence McKenna

TruthAdmin Terence McKenna The Voynich Manuscript (April 1983) Dolphin Tapes, Berkeley CA; Big Sur CA. ISBN: 0-937727-07-5 #005 The Paul Herbert Collection The fifth tape...

Ron Paul FDA & Drug Companies in Bed Together ∞ Dr. Truth End the War on Drugs

Your Employes “Gov’t Servants”can kill you legally for no reason”or if you know the TRUTH”. If you don’t fire them your DEAD ! They declared...
Barack Obama's Birth Cetficate

Obama Birth Certificate Examiner paul irey Proven Fraud Artist – June 10, 2011

Phony “expert” in typography and Real Racist Kook paul irey’s methods revealed. irey’s methods, if valid, prove that george w. bush never served in Our...
Attempted Pope Assassinations

To Forgive – Pope John Paul II & Divine Mercy

Song by Steve Taylor, 1985 album On the Fritz, alluding to the 1983 meeting between Pope JP II and his assailant. In the May 1981...
The Moon Landing

Did Obama Fake the Moon Landing?

Birther: Obama’s Secret is a ground breaking documentary that exposes the truth about Barack Hussein Obama’s birth, religion and plans for America. We traveled from...