Conspiracy Theories Flat Earth

Flat Earth puzzle finally solved, 100% PROOF!!!!! (Flat earthers in turmoil)

Books about The Flat Earth theory- Earth stickers for twisty puzzles – A shorter version of this video is available for license here- I allowed...
Mu or Lemuria

Bob Frissell | Ancient Aliens, Thoth, & The Lemuria/Atlantis Saga

In a full 2 hour bonus show, author Bob Frissell joins THC to talk about the origins of humanity, according to the ascended masters. Check...
New World Order

Chemtrails and the New World Order – Patrick Lynch

A rtunes video. Patrick Lynch gives a presentation of Chemtrails in Portsmouth England. He has a chat show ….. The Free Truth Show on These...
Princess Diana's Death

NBC News Bulletin – Princess Diana’s Death

Initial reports on the Paris car accident that injured and eventually killed Diana, Princess of Wales. As reported by Brian Williams on MSNBC and the...

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