September 2015

September 23, 2015 Nothing Is Going To Happen

Let’s hear it. People have a a lot of information but no revelation! Until we hear someone say “Thus saith the Lord!”, all of these...

Pastor Sexually Assaults Women During Exorcisms

A Scarborough pastor who is facing assault against women and fraud charges has. Read The Story: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Latest News: “Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Cathriona White...
Bible Conspiracies

Great Conspiracy (February 21, 2014) ~ Rebroadcast on the Topic of the Great Conspiracy

This is a rebroadcast on the Biblical topic of the “Great Conspiracy” or “Great Controversy between Satan and our Father ~~ I posted this video...

Doug Batchelor – Mayan doomsday mith

Is the Mayan calendar a reliable prophetic source? Rampant hype about the last days of earth’s history is everywhere. Pastor Doug Batchelor uncovers the reality...

PT 1-12 !Extremely Important! ‘Volunteer’ Souls & Lost Knowledge Dolores Cannon

yourTUBEyourASS21 Sparklesofunity SorrowfulConscious SorrowfulConscious21 is back 5th time. Past-life regressionist Dolores Cannon discussed her recovery and cataloging of “Lost Knowledge.” She said she’s developed her...

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