Ufo Sightings

UFO Sighting Over New York USA 2021

UFO Sighting Over Goshen, New York USA on January 13, 2021. Witness report as follows “Traveling west on i86 in orange county ny at 00:59...
Ufo Sightings

Mothership Exits Earths Sun On Dec 24, 2014, UFO Sighting Daily.

Date of sighting: Dec 24, 2014 Location of sighting: Earths Sun Source: Was looking at the Helioviewer online and noticed this giant triangle UFO leaving...
Knights of Columbus

Michael McGivney, the ‘people’s priest’ who founded the Knights of Columbus

Life wasn’t easy for Catholics immigrants in the United States back in the XIX century. In the State of Connecticut, for example, they didn’t have...
The Face Of Jesus

True N Real Face Of Jesus Christ – Scientists Tell Half Lies N Half Truth To Prove It Fake

Turin Shroud; What Does The Bible Say? Luke 24:12: ‘Peter got up and ran to the tomb and stooping down and looking in, he saw...
Crop Circles

Crop circles Italy 2012: Indagine autentica sugli Ufo e i cerchi nel grano ITALIA

FENGSHUI-ITALIA.COM – COPPIAILLUMINATA.IT Movimento culturale di pratica e ricerca alla educazione interiore: Indagine sul luogo di un cerchio nel grano avvenuto in italia a Bracciano...
Secrets of The Vatican

The Vatican Exposed!!

Todd goes to Rome and exposes all the Vatican’s secrets. I mean screws around in Rome. Follow Todd in Twitter:

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