Aliens And Ufo's

Phenomenon ☕ UFO Tunguska Event Documentary Secret Cover Up ? the Russian Roswell 2

Phenomenon: UFO Tunguska Event Documentary Secret Cover Up – The Russian Roswell – Phenomenon YouTube Playlist . Graham Birdsall, NASA Secrets, UFO Footage, Sightings, Reports,...

Climate Change and Conspiracy Theories at the Great Barrier Reef – Uncensored

As bleaching ravages the Great Barrier Reef, Jim sets out to separate fact from fiction regarding climate change’s effect on the ocean. Watch full episodes...
Golden Dawn

Anti-Fascists Rise Against Golden Dawn in Greece

Subscribe to VICE News here: In September 2013, Greek authorities took the unprecedented action of arresting a number of members of the far-right political organization...

The Epic of the Anunnaki – Alex Teplish ( The justBernard Show RADIO )

( GIC Production ) Ancient Legends, myths, and religions from around the world have spoken of gods and angels, not always in the spiritual sense,...
The Carnac Stones

New Grange Sirius Mysteries – James Swagger (The justBernard Show)

Newgrange is considered the most complex megalithic site in the world. It is Ireland’s most visited monument with around 250,000 visitor’s a year. This riveting...
Skull and Bones

Time to tie and bind Skull and Bones, Jesuits, Black Pope and all Secret Societies

“Time to tie and bind Skull and Bones, Jesuits, Black Pope and all secret societies that they are connected to” – By Cathy Bilsky I...
Is Elvis Really Dead?

Elvis Presley – The Last 24 Hours

“The King is dead, but Rock ‘n’ Roll will never die. Long live the King! An informative, well constructed documentary which includes unseen footage and...
Alien Abductions

Abductees (Alien Abduction Interviews)

Abductees : created from real interviews of people who claim alien abduction, some taken while under hypnosis. Taken from tv early one morning, had to...

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