Ufo Sightings

UFO Sighting Over New York USA 2021

UFO Sighting Over Goshen, New York USA on January 13, 2021. Witness report as follows “Traveling west on i86 in orange county ny at 00:59...
Moon Structures

Psychological Tricks of Taj Mahal – This is why YOU LOVE this!

Instagram……………. Twitter…………………. Facebook………….. Website……………….. Hey guys, today let’s take a look at why Taj Mahal is loved so much by everyone. In this video, I...
Ancient Prophecies

Anunnaki Hindu Gods of Ancient India

Proto -Indo European Mythology: According to this theory, many common “mythological” elements are shared across India, Persia, Mesopotamia and Europe. These similarities are commonly dismissed...
Earth Portals Flat Earth

Vedic Cosmology – Flat Earth? – Subterranean worlds/Portals

Co-author of ‘Forbidden Archeology’ Richard Thompson. Describes in scientific terms the Vedic conception of the sacred universe model in first half or video then goes...

Part One-Reply To Pastor Steven Anderson Sikhism in Light of the Bible- False Religion

– A young Sikh Student replies to pastor Anderson- Part one of reply to Steven Anderson “Sikhism in Light of the Bibile” – Is Sikhism...
Kailasa Temple

48 Ellora Caves, India

TruthAdmin 48 Ellora Caves, India Enjoy many movies of our travels in India. We journeyed mainly by public bus from November 23, 2012 in Kolkata...

Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Spiritual Growth

Best guided meditation: Listen to the peaceful music and relax yourself, free your mind from daily worries. Meditation is the healthiest way to stay young...

What Is Buddhism? By “Artist Of Truth”, Wing Chun Sifu Jay Kennedy.

Sifu Jay “Artist of Truth” discusses the question: What is Buddhism?
Weeping Statue

Man leaves India after debunking “weeping Jesus”

A man in India is living in exile after being charged with blasphemy for debunking a “weeping Jesus”. For more CNN videos on YouTube, check...
Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls Into 2012 and Beyond: Take II

(this is the registration of the conference) – if you wish to learn more about “Crystal Skulls into 2012 & Beyond” an on-line conference about...

Hinduism will heal Kashmir-Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,Art of Living

Hinduism is the oldest spiritual tradition of this world and is all about liberty and freedom to carve one’s own path to divine.It has no...

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