Flat Earth

Flat Earth, Shane Dawson and Conspiracy Theories with NateTalksToYou

Nate TalksToYou joins me to chat conspiracies, Flat Earth and Shane Dawson! Check out Nate’s channel: ——————————————————————————————————- Support me on Patreon: or PayPal: PayPal.me/ShannonQ0 Follow
September 2015

What will happen on September 23, 2015? Will a comet hit us?? CERN? Call in now!!

Tune in LIVE on Prophecy Radio on Google Hangouts Tonight at 12:00AM(EDT) 8-17-2015. Tonight is “Open Line Night!!” I want to hear from you what
September 2015

Will September 23, 2015 be the end of the world??

Tune in LIVE on Prophecy Radio on Google Hangouts Tonight at 12:00AM(EDT) 8-3-2015. We got one month left till the big month September! What will
Crop Circles

Q the A Podcast Episode 15: Crop Circles

Crop Circles have sort of fallen out of style. For us at Q the A Podcast, we think crop circles may be the PHYSICAL proof

Vampires ARE REAL??? Astral, Interdimensional.. PUPPIES BORN IN MIDDLE OF SHOW LIVE!

Scheduled for Jun 5, 2015 9 p.m Central Standard TIme (Texas) This was an AMAZING NIGHT.. We got to talk a lot about Vampires and
Area 51

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction w/ Pete Wichert Area 51 Worker TD Barnes Bill Scott

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Skunk Ape

Real or Not Real 2/7/2015

Watch as we get our heads stumped on 2 videos! Real or Not Real Links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcIDqMGLyg0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClWHeT74XRQ Bigfoot sightings 2015: Skunkape video from Florida http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2014/10/little-boy-sneaks-up-on-bigfoot-and-takes-photos-from-ten-yards-away-video-2476752.html
Satanic Rituals

Ask Ex-Satanist Anything – Katy Perry Super Bowl Ritual

Was Katy Perry’s performance at Superbowl XLIX a Satanic Ritual? Mark Passio joins The Free Zone for a live video chat to Ask an Ex-Satanist
Other Earths

Spotlight Live: Coming Soon – Earth-like Planets in Other Solar Systems

On October 15, three exoplanet hunters will discuss what we can learn about these planets from our vantage point tens of light years away, and

Holistic Health and Harmony – Clairvoyance

Together we discuss the different aspects or experiences that may happen when discovering or working with clairvoyance. This week we discuss Clairvoyance and althuogh we