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Other Earths

Neptune – the Second Blue Planet

Approaching Neptune you might be in for a surprise. What awaits you is blue planet which looks a lot like the Earth. But don’t be...

#Short Documentary- Legend Of The Werewolf | New Documentary 2017,HD documentary,History of werewolf

#Short Documentary – Legend Of The Werewolf | New Documentary 2017,HD documentary, History of werewolves This new short documentary reveals the truth, the real story...
Knights Templar

Tim Wallace-Murphy – Knights Templar Deepest Secrets – NightVision Radio

Join the resolute seeker of truth, René Barnett learns about the history of the Knights Templar with author Tim Wallace-Murphy. TIM WALLACE-MURPHY is the author...
Mu or Lemuria

Madagascar. The Children of Lemuria (Full Documentary)

Madagascar is an island located in the Indian Ocean inhabited by only creatures whose origin is still unknown. Lemurs are the most representative animals of...
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Malaysia Flight MH370 Conspiracy Theories – WorldMysterious

This video will go over the many conspiracy theories surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and its disappearance. Could it have been brought down by a...

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