The Truther Therapy Sessions – Ep 6 – Demons, Nephilim and Clowns

Join me for a live call in show with an opening presentation of my own work and research into the connection between Demons, Clowns and...
September 2015

Intellihub – The mystery of September 23

Intellihub – The mystery of September 23: Why does 9/23 keep popping up all over the place? COG: Blood Moon – September 28th, 2015 COG:...
The Great Pyramids

WOW! Man Discovers Tunnel to Egypt’s Great Pyramid Under His House!

An Egyptian citizen, identified as “Nagy” by Arabic news site Ahram.org, was illegally digging in his backyard when he found a tunnel leading to the...
Crop Circles

Mysterious ‘Crop Circles’ Appear In Mexico Spawn Suspiciously Huge Attention from Authorities!

http://www.undergroundworldnews.com It’s the usual gig. Mysterious crop formations appear over a 7 hectare chunk of land in the Mexican country, local residents report seeing bright...
Mars Mysteries (The Red Planet)

Mars Curiosity Rover Catches Heavily Blurred ‘Mystery Object’ In Panorama Image!

Once again, Shout out to Sonofmabarker for the find. My opinion, Im not buying NASA’s Same ol, Same ol Excuse that its part of the...
Titan's Atmosphere

Amazing New Photo Shows Sunny Seas Sparkle On Saturn’s Moon Titan!

A new photo from a NASA spacecraft studying Saturn and its many moons shows the sun reflecting off the seas of the ringed wonder’s moon...
Knights Templar

I-07 – The Secret Bible: The Knights Templar (Documentary)

All videos in this youtube channel are for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES and there is no monetarial or profit made from them. If there to be a...

What Is Reincarnation? How Does It Work? Nazareno Feitosa – Sydney 2013

Conference “What Is Reincarnation? How Does It Work?” by Nazareno Feitosa. If you think this video may be useful to someone, click “like” or “share”...
Harold Camping

Jesus is NOT coming back October 21, 2011 – End time false Bible prophecy harold camping

To state once again, Jesus is NOT coming back on October 21, 2011. False prophet harold camping has made several predictions stating the exact day...
Harold Camping

Harold Camping’s first comments after his May 21st FAIL – The lies continue!

This is the FOX Channel 2 coverage of Harold Camping’s comments following his May 21st Prophecy Failure. Expect excuses, rationalizations, and complicated lies intended to...
Harold Camping

If the Watchtower is not a False Prophet, then Jehovah’s Witnesses owe Harold Camping an Apology!

This video is a comparison of the excuses made by Harold Camping regarding his failed prophecy of 5/21/2011 and those made by Jehovah’s Witnesses concerning...
Harold Camping

Harold Camping ‘Bewildered’ After Apocalypse Comes and Goes Quietly

Harold Camping, the radio evangelist who predicted the apocalypse would begin Saturday, May 21, 2011, said today his understanding of God’s plan was just a...

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