Bible Conspiracies

“Conspiracy of Dunces.” | Pod Save America recording stream

Trump wastes America’s time with his primetime address, throws a temper tantrum during shutdown negotiations, and claims not to know that his campaign chairman was...
Flat Earth

Can Flat Earth Conspiracy Theorists Explain Satellites?

Thom is joined by phone to discuss the issues of that day, including…. The flat earth? This is an entertaining conversation. what do you think,...
Everything Else Alien

TYT – 4.8.16: Hillary Static, Clinton On UFOs, The Boss, and CIA Skin Care

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from April 8, 2016. For more go to Hour 1: Hillary Clinton decides to set up...
Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus to March Alongside Gay Pride Group

A week after one Catholic school pulled out of the Parade to avoid scandal, the Knights of Columbus have announced they will march in the...
JFK Assassination

61% of Americans Still Believe JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory

–61% of Americans still insist that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy –On the Bonus Show: An impressive solar plant in Japan, Cheating students more...
Big Oil

March on Monsanto-No More Political Parties!-Jesse Ventura-Angelina Jolie Gets Suckered-Cancer Hoax

Progressive Discussions with Chiseler’s Hall of Shame (uncensored adult topics). Subscribe to support this work,,
Other Earths

Earthlike Planet Possibly Only 12 Light Years Away

–Astronomers have discovered what may be five planets orbiting Tau Ceti, the closest single star beyond our solar system whose temperature and luminosity match the...
Barack Obama's Birth Cetficate

Obama Not Born in America?!

This video investigates the resurrection of the birther movement against Obama’s birth certificate. Also discussed is the media’s biased coverage of various conspiracy theories. Links...
Global Warming


Ashley Mote : Comments are disabled on this video as the brainwashed pro Gore fanatics who have fallen for the government and NWO propaganda,...
Global Warming

The Global Warming Hoax!

To “jump to” important parts of the video, select “SHOW MORE” below. The hype about Global warming has cooled a bit recently and here’s a...
Global Warming

UKIP Godfrey Bloom MEP – Man made Global Warming is a myth!

UK Independence Party MEP challenges the subject, which has now become something of a religion....

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