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Flat Earth

Earth is Undeniably Flat: ‘This is not even a conspiracy theory’ Says NBA Star Kyrie Irving

NBA all star Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers says the earth is flat and its not even a conspiracy theory. ►Subscribe for more videos!...

Is Russia Weaponizing The Giant Squid?

Is Russia Weaponizing Giant Squid? Deep beneath Antarctica, Lake Vostok lies undisturbed and unexplored – until now. A scientist claimed to have fled Russia after...
Everything Else Alien

UFO June 2015 Giant Alien Head Carved Into Mountain

UFO JUNE 2015 – UFO related occurence in Canada. This mountain range has two giant heads carved into the landscape. Many think that extraterrestrials and...
Other Earths

Earth-Like Planets Are Way More Common Than You Think

Did Earth get really lucky, or are there more habitable planets? Subscribe to Super Panic Frenzy: Follow Julian on Twitter: How We Find Water On...
The Moon Landing

Richard Hoagland – Revelations of the Chinese Moon Mission – Latest Updates on Enterprise Mission

2014 – Hidden in Plain Sight ! Earth-Keeper Presents:Revelations of China’s Moon Mission. Author, Theorist, Researcher & Scientist Richard C Hoagland on his new 2014...
Moon Structures

Moon Mystery Structure

Mysterious Moon structure that looks exactly like a typical house on EARTH. Absolutely astounding! Crystal clear images show this multi level structure is not a...