Spotlight Live: Coming Soon – Earth-like Planets in Other Solar Systems

On October 15, three exoplanet hunters will discuss what we can learn about these planets from our vantage point tens of light years away, and answer your questions about how close we are to discovering other Earths.

2:05 Can you explain the discovery of the exoplanet WASP-12b and its recent measurements?
4:25 What do the recent measurements of water vapor mean for WASP-12b?
8:35 Does data on planets like WASP-12b help our overall understanding planetary physics?
9:50 How common are planets like WASP-12b compared to Earth-like planets?
12:35 How common are Earth-sized planets found in the habitable zones of red-dwarf stars?
13:50 What would we hope to see on exoplanets similar to Earth?
15:45 If we were looking at Earth from 100 light-years away what would we able to tell about the planet?
20:15 Can you tell us about other exoplanets that aren’t similar to what we see in our solar system?
25:10 Are there many sun-like stars studied and if so do they have a similar makeup to our own solar system?
28:20 What will the new, soon to be released, telescopes be able to tell us about exoplanets?
32:50 What is it like to go planet-hunting from an observatory?

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