SHADOW FIGURES + HAUNTED CHILDHOOD HOMES // True Horrifying Paranormal Experiences (Ep. 32)

Time Stamp Index:
0:00 – Intro
0:32 – “My Visit From The Shadow Man” (JustmiJosh)
7:10 – “In The Corner Of My Eye” (DeadDogCheese)
8:45 – anonymous
10:47 – “The House I Grew Up In Is Definitely Haunted” (Andydoogan)
13:12 – “A Demon Used To Throw Me Around My Room…?” (wtftaylastfu)
20:42 – “Not The Christmas Morning Wake Up I Wanted” (Dependent_Muscle9757)
21:49 – “Two Women Disappeared In Front Of Me?!?” (redfloda)
22:25 – anonymous
24:48 – “Something That Looked Like My Mother But Wasn’t” (CrystalDemise)
27:47 – “Probably Nothing, But Still Interesting & Surprisingly Comforting” (openpitbbq)
28:34 – “Unexplainable Dog Growl Me & My Friend Heard” (BlaguuN)
29:36 – “A Small Paranormal Story” (TurtleDive1234)
31:02 – anonymous
34:49 – anonymous
37:40 – “He’s Home Early, Only It Isn’t Him…” (WitcheryandWine)
39:26 – Outro

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****When you submit your story, you are giving me full permission to use it in a future episode unless if you specify whether you want your identity to be confidential.****

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This video contains true stories, in regards to paranormal experiences, ghost encounters, the unexplained, ouija boards, and survivor accounts of horrifying, supernatural encounters.

Rose Savage is a musician who runs this podcast of scary stories, which include stranger encounters, Let’s Not Meet encounters, ghost stories, paranormal experiences, true crime/investigation, and much more! Subscribe for new podcast videos every Wednesday and Sunday!

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