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Ive watched alot of reptilian Shapeshifter videos and the David Icke video on youtube but have been sceptical. The Nicki Manaj and Jenna Bush Videos were convincing but I think I can beat it, for me this is proof.

I was sitting here with my girlfriend watching Arrested Development and we saw a Spanish actress shapeshift right infront of our eyes. We looked at each other in disbelief. This was in Season 1 Episode 13, 2min 11sec, the actress is Patricia Velasquez. If the quality is not good enough look up the episode and watch it for yourself.

The Bush Family, Obama, The Royal Family , The Rockafella’s, The Rothchilds, Goldman Sachs etc are all illuminati and are all Reptilian. Princess Diana, John Lennon and Tupac, just to name a few, knew about the illuminati and Reptilians and were going to go public with it all. That’s why they were all killed!