REAL Werewolves: Facts About Human Werewolves

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So I was looking around and made a mental note to myself about the crazy theroys of what Werewolves are. I know the truth about werewolves, what they are for REAL, and have a description that any scientist will beleive is possible.

Note: This is REAL. This has nothing to do with mental disorders. It is not a hallucination, or a delusion. This stuff is very real, and it’s the kind of real that is healthy, as long as you don’t let it interfere with your human life or natural behavior. If you suddenly start acting like a werewolf around your friends that’s when it becomes unhealthy. I don’t want complains from ppeople about my knowlege, and I don’t want insults, or anything classified as ‘negative’ so keep the negativity out of Lycanthropy. Enjoy, and I hope you learn something

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