Real Grey Alien Caught on Tape

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Could this be a real Grey Alien Caught on Tape in a mirror? What do you think? Please leave a comment below and give your opinion!
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Grey aliens are often described by eyewitnesses as slender with large heads and black eyes. They have small mouths as well as noses, or more or less nostrils like that of a lizard or a snake. Their bodies are tall and skinny as well as their fingers which are usually described as having larger tips on the fingers. Their muscles appear very weak, as being in space for so long can deprive greys of oxygen which causes them to lose muscles as well as change the color of their skin. If grey aliens once appeared just like humans as some theories say, their skin is most likely grey because it is deprived of oxygen.

Most sightings of grey aliens to not usually describe the Greys as wearing any clothing. However, in the case of Travis Walton, the grey aliens that abducted him wore skinny, black, jumpsuit-like suits and as well were described the way that most eyewitnesses describe grey aliens.

Similarities with humans
Grey aliens are generally described as being suspiciously similar to humans in basic form. Their bodies are described as having a humanoid shape, including two arms and legs. Greys have similar facial features to humans which include eyes, noses, and mouths. Only grey aliens are often described as having no notable irises or pupils, have more or less nostrils like a reptile, and generally are described as having small mouths.

The theory of Grey aliens living in space with no natural sources of life may come from the theory of aliens once living on a life-inhabiting planet which could have dried out or been poisoned. The aliens may have found the planet Earth and left some of their offspring or fetuses to test to see if the air on Earth is breathable to them. The aliens could have evolved into primitive cavemen and later modern day humans. This means that we ourselves may actually be aliens, that may be why Greys and humans are allegedly so similar. While the aliens left on Earth evolved into a healthy species, the greys evolved into unhealthy-appearing, somewhat mutated, lifeforms.
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