Post Phoenix Lights UFO & Heaven’s Gate

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One week after the UFO sightings called, The Phoenix Lights, and the Friday night when the Heaven’s Gate cult suicides began, I video taped this event over the Superstition Mountains on the eastern boundary of Phoenix, Arizona…

First of all, let me say, that I am not here to say what is, and what isn’t, nor do I profess to know what this object is… I am just here to share the video footage that I took on March 21, 1997, because only God knows the truth.
On March 22, 1997, the members of the Heaven’s Gate religious group began to commit suicide in order to follow their beliefs.
The Heaven’s Gate was a group of people who believed that upon their death’s their spiritual-selves would ascend to a UFO which they believed was following the Hale-Bopp Comet on its pass by the Earth in March of 1997.
On Friday night, March 21, 1997, living on the very Eastern fringe of Phoenix, Arizona, I was traveling home when I noticed an unusual flashing light over the Superstition Mountains. When I arrived home I pulled out my VHS video camera and videotaped the following 20 minutes of footage.
At the beginning of this unedited footage, you’ll note that the full moon that evening is filmed as a reference, with the Hale-Bopp Comet about 150 degrees to the left of the moon, looking like a fuzzy light in the distance, with the UFO appearing in-between the two, over the Superstition Mountains. You’ll also note a neighbors outdoor light in the bottom right of the frame, which I had to use for a positioning reference.
The MUFON Field-Investigator who came to review the footage noted that the notches which appear on the object are due to an anomaly of recording a relatively small point-light source, and I have seen this in similar footage.
I will not divulge this location because I am not sure how my story and the following footage will be received, especially by any of those who still may ascribe to the views of the Heaven’s Gate.
I am not here to share with you my views about the Heaven’s Gate, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Heaven’s Gate, I do not associate myself to Marshall Applewhite. I am here to share my story and this never-before released footage that I videotaped then… I offer you this so that you can make your own decisions, because it begs the question for which only God has the answer for…