‘Phoenix lights’ conspiracy theories still swirling after 16 years

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Does never-before-seen Phoenix Lights Footage show an Identifiable Hale Bopp/Heaven’s Gate Kraft?

This is the promotional news clip segment of At Last, KTVK TV Releases Film of Actual Craft over Phoenix, in the next couple of days I plan to upload the entire presentation, beginning with the story back then. So, do any of you Remember the Heaven’s Gate Cult, who were to meet the companion,
Hale Bopp Comet, Craft in Arizona that same weekend? Stay tune to the rest of this uneartlhy report.

2nd) Control Tower

3rd)Military Response

4th)What are flares

6th) Media coverage

7th) Prominent people

8th) The Intruder

9th) Exclusive CBS News, Heaven’s Gate Investigation

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Scott Davis of the KTVK/Phoenix television station. They have always been involved in publishing reports about the 1997 Phoenix lights, and have done a good job, in my opinion, of presenting a fair and balanced look at all of the evidence.

With the almost constant news of the anniversary of the famous case, and also some recent video footage of more “lights,” the UFO Casebook has published a number of reports concerning both the old and new lights.

I have been on a number of radio shows, and written a couple of blogs on the subject lately. My position on the 1997 lights was well known-I never accepted the flare theory, and I also made the same assessment on the recent videos of lights near Phoenix.

In the recent mail from Mr. Davis, he asked me a very strange question: Would I reexamine my position on the 2007 lights, as they were obviously just flares? Well, I thought to myself, “Mr. Davis is welcome to his opinion, and I respect that.” But, so am I, and I will say that I have never altered an opinion on any case unless I had seen incontrovertible evidence to support a different position. In this case, I have not, and in my judgment, although some of the objects / lights seen and filmed may have been flares, there is no way that the flare theory will satisfy all of the evidence that I have seen.

Shortly thereafter, Scott told me that an upcoming special on KTVK would give an overview of the case, and for the first time, “the craft” would be made public. I only recently released this information in a radio interview from Great Britain.

They are calling the triangular craft the “Intruder.” Scott was kind enough to send me the stations promotional video on the special, and I will also provide a link to their web page that contains several videos, including the “Intruder” video. It is quite riveting, and I think that finally we can say that at least one unknown flying triangular object has been filmed over Phoenix that even the mainstream media will not debunk.

I want to give Scott a big thank you for being cooperative with me on this and I only hope that the media and Ufology can work together in the future. Opinions cannot change what is true, and to me, that truth is presented in this KTVK/Phoenix special.

There could well come a day when certain information becomes public that will necessitate this cooperation between mainstream media and those of us who seek the truth about UFOs.(B J Booth)

Scott also informs me that the special will air again on Sunday March 18 at 6:30pm in Phoenix.

“I’m told that anywhere in the country, those with Dish Network who subscribe to “local channels” can see our station, although I don’t know how to find it,” stated Davis.