The Illuminati

People Who Are In The Illuminati

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People Who Are In The Illuminati

This video was shown and recorded in Google hangouts to a large group of people with a common interest and uploaded to YouTube for educational purpose. We at be the first to admit that the video quality is less than perfect, but we hope that this doesn’t damper you experience now your here.

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People Who Are In The Illuminati

So let’s get busy…

Of all the networks of power discussed on the net the Illuminati probably in addition to the Bilderbergers, are by far without a doubt one of the most conspicuously discussed secret organization in the area of global conspiracy theories. Although acknowledged for decades as a secret organization which little was known, over the last 10 years the direct exposure as well as profile of the Illuminati has expanded at a significant rate, mainly because of Hollywood.

In the last 10 years a collection of films hits have actually been launched which have actually beamed the torch on the idea of an exclusive underground society holding considerable impact across the global stage unbeknown to everyone.

Movies such as Angels as well as Demons, The Omen, The Race to Witch Mountain as well as Eyes Wide Shut have actually done much to elevate the direct exposure of an organization which has its beginnings in Bavaria Germany throughout the 18th century.

However one of the issues with this recent media direct exposure of the Illuminati is that in several instances disinformation has accompanied the discussion of this group hence voiding a real understanding of the real risk linked with their schedule.

However the Illuminati is not just some team who would like to manage the entertainment show business, they are a group who sit at the top of the pyramid of power. The net outcome of their diabolical schedule is noted across not just the entertainment show business but additionally science as well as technology, the financial sector, global national politics as well as the education device.

By meaning the Illuminati are a network of powerful family dynasties that includes the Rockefellers, the Rothschild’s, the Warburg’s as well as other powerful families of European origin which today control extensive sources across the globe’s most powerful sectors. Whether it’s the oil sector, pharmaceutical sector, food as well as farming commercial or science as well as technology the imprint of this infamous team is apparent all around.

People Who Are In The Illuminati

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00:00:05 People Who Are In The Illuminati
00:00:48 Modern Day Illuminati Members
00:01:31 Known Members Of The IIluminati
00:02:14 The Real Illuminati Website
00:02:58 Bavarian Illuminati New World Order
People Who Are In The Illuminati

People Who Are In The Illuminati

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