Oil Conspiracy Theory

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This slide show demonstrates the Oil Conspiracy Theory is not a theory, its the truth!
I did this a few years ago before Solectra was put out of business by the big 3. After the buy out of his patents and the (150 mile) battery, Ovshinsky, was devastated, and rich. The next big scam is the illusion that you need to plug-in your car to recharge it. With the current technology, all you need is a battery changing station that could be fully automated and this would provide an auto exchange system to renew your electric car, truck, motorcycle or any powered vehicle. The fallacy of limited life in your electric vehicle is part of the conspiracy. An example of how this would work is: The local car part dealers could have a charging exchange system, where-as you pull up, swipe your card, and the system exchanges your low battery for a fresh charge, less then 10 minutes and possibly a $20.00 charge and your on your way. This would be most practical with a 150 mile life battery, but in theory a regular battery could be used the same way. Another example of the big 3 conspiring together is the “auto alternator”, this unit does charge your battery, however the older cars had generators, not alternators. They generated electricity, with today’s technology a small compact generator could in theory completely eliminate the battery with the exception of starting it. Thanks for listening to my theory’s.