Occult Secrets Revealed – The Triangle of Solomon – Rosicrucian Alchemy Qabalah & Hermeticism

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The triangle is a very important symbol in Western Esotericism. We find its central importance in the Qabalah and Hermeticism .. Rosicrucian philosophy and alchemy also make much use of this symbol. This is the Triad of Pythagoras. It represents the reconciliation of opposites. All begins with the Monad, which is undifferentiated Unity. From this comes the Duad, which is differentiation, the separation of subject and object, the introduction of contrast and polarity. The Triad represents the union of opposites to create a third point.

This is part of the “Occult Secrets Revealed” series in which we try to take a serious and rational look into the fundamentals of Western esoteric philosphy.. Without any bias involved, but only to understand “rationally” what this hidden knowledge is. The solar cycles were extremely important to many ancient cultures. The solstices and equinoxes are the basis of our modern calendar. Was there a “deeper” mystery here? If so, what is the deeper mystery? We are searching for the “hidden” secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition. Today, we examine this along with certain correspondences with regard to Rosicrucianism, alchemy, Hermeticism, tarot, ceremonial magick, and Qabalah. This Western tradition is a vast collection of esoteric knowledge in the West that derives from Late Antiquity. The ancient temples may lay in ruins, but the ancients did leave us their symbols. And this esoteric wisdom still exists in degraded form today behind our modern and popular occultism. Here we examine this.

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