Multi-Dimensional Portals Found All Over Earth?

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Narration By Don Moffit:

Who built the great pyramids?
Why did they build them?
If we take known Egyptian accounts as accurate, then many of the ancient structures upon the plateau, were designed surrounding the subject of death.
A civilisation that believed when the sun set, it travelled through an underworld guarded by Anubis.
In other cultures, which we believe, re-inhabited sites.
Ruins built with knowledge that we will now show, far succeeded that which these people, who carved their own identities upon these structures ever possessed.
The Aztecs although displaying similar primitive understandings of the path of the sun, interestingly shared similar beliefs to the Egyptians, specific animals connected to astronomical objects are seen everywhere.
These similarities in belief structures could be seen as evidence of a sea going civilisations.
ancient people crossing oceans, sharing their belief systems with each other, these people, who artistically demonstrated their limited, and heavily superstitious knowledge of the universe, upon all these ancient sites, sealed their own fate as imposters to the modern discerning man.
Once one begins to explore the unbelievable accuracy, the astronomical alignments, the seemingly impossible feats of block placements, you are seemingly presented with a currently controversial truth.
How could a civilisation, who clearly believed that the earth was not only flat, but that all experienced night at the same time, could have possibly knew the information which was instilled within the construction of such sites, in particular the Giza plateau?
It should now be becoming clear that the ancient Egyptians, the Inca’s, Aztecs, Mayans, etc etc… did not build these sites.
However, the sites still exist, and their past function is still there to be explained.
Why did so many of these civilisations, placed far closer to these original constructors than us, all agree that these structures were some form of portal, allowing the passage of gods, spirits or souls?
Why were all these ancient civilisations, who undoubtedly worshipped the original creators of the cradle for their people,,, obsess over underworlds, portals and stargates.
Most ancient civilisations had belief systems surrounding death, the soul, and the passage thereof…
But the strong draw to portals and gateways, somehow allowing the communication with an apparent other dimension, is undeniable.
It seems so strongly entwinned with these ancient people’s beliefs, that these civilisations may have been aware of something, regarding these amazing structures, that we are not.
False doors for example.
These doors to nowhere can be found all over earth, yet interestingly, they are only found amongst the same uncannily astonishing stone cutting, which we are so often noting as indicative of a lost knowledge.
Why were these doors created?
Have they always led to nowhere?
Or was there something extraordinary, once triggered by this precise web of ancient structures, all mysteriously aligned upon our planet, a function so many of these ancient civilisations were completely obsessed by…