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UFO Spotted by Multiple Witnesses in Oahu Hawaii Video

UFO Spotted by Multiple Witnesses in Oahu Hawaii Video Residents of the Hawaiian island of Oahu were left baffled last week as a mysterious blue...

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Bright blue UFO seen crashing into ocean near Hawaii prompts calls to 911, FAA | ABC7

An unidentified flying object spotted in Hawaii caught enough people's attention to get the Federal Aviation Administration involved. Full story:

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Abducted? The story of an Alien Abduction.

Abducted? Out of the blue and out of the ordinary. Written, directed, filmed & performed by William Morgan (Filmed at home on a Samsung A70 during...

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SHADOW FIGURES + HAUNTED CHILDHOOD HOMES // True Horrifying Paranormal Experiences (Ep. 32)

Time Stamp Index: 0:00 - Intro 0:32 - "My Visit From The Shadow Man" (JustmiJosh) 7:10 - "In The Corner Of My Eye" (DeadDogCheese) 8:45 - anonymous 10:47...

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Multiple witnesses spot UFO over Hawaiian island of Oahu

A Harvard professor says aliens visited us in 2017 and warns more are coming – but a bunch of Hawaiians say they’re already here. Multiple...

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