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Martin Armstrong Answers: How Do You Feel About Equities in Europe and Japan?

How Do You Feel About Equities in Europe and Japan?

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Martin Armstrong is the developer of the Economic Confidence Model (ECM) depicting boom-bust cycles which have been found to occur like clockwork every 8.6 years, 3,141 days or (Pi) times 1000. Using this business cycle in the model had correctly pointed the peak just before the Japanese stock market Nikkei 225 crash in 1989. The model, dubbed the Secret Cycle by New Yorker Magazine, amazingly pinpointed the stock market Crash of 1987 to the very day along with countless other turning points right down to the meltdown of Russia in 1998 that was reported by the London Financial Times in June 1998. This model even predicted the Asian Currency Crisis in 1997, the bottom of the Dow Jones Industrials to the very day 1994.25 not to forget the rise in oil from $10 to $100 and of course not just the very day of the high in 2007 for the most dramatic collapse in the world economy, but Barrons magazine also reported in 2011 that this model was projecting new highs and that the low was in place for the US stock market. This model has been one of the most famous discoveries in forecasting and Armstrong was invited to advise the People’s Bank of China during the Asian Currency Crisis in 1997 and the European Commission even attended his lectures in London about the dangers in designing the Euro.

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