When catastrophe Minneapolis and Constantine (Istanbul, Turkey) is the only safe
From Brazil Pedro Virgin expression
The Warning!
Reduce the impact.
It’s Prayer Crusade!
The 144,000 people call the Book of Revelation is a new song.=It’s Prayer Crusade!
Prayer Crusade!

Saints Message

JESUS’s Epic

Frank analysis Book of John

Come back Marduk Christ…ison! video rink

shining gem

He will return ISON of Jesus Christ
He is the fire to purify the human race
Holy spirit give to Humanity that divinity spirit for gods body
For baptizing to Mankind
Return to Earth
This is the true gospel.
Messiah in God and JESUS come to earth
God blessing you!

from South korea Anna(Ningishida,Todd,Elijah,John) and Johakim(Adapa,Enoch)

The Lord’s Prayer

Dad, Father!
[My dad will call Jesus God LORDENKI,
Enki is the father of mankind heavenly Father God will call King Anu of Nibiru Because they are two souls in one body …What is the Trinity
Jesus(Marduk), God the Father Enki, Enki divine soul]

Our Father in heaven,
Our Father in Heaven Nibiru
Shine unto the holy father’s name
Shine unto the holy father’s name LORDENKI
Father of the nation Comes
Father of the Country Nibiru the heavenly Come

Father’s will As in heaven
Father’s implying Inherited the throne of the heavenly Nibiru
As consisting of

Done on earth, even thy
Earth in The sons of thy father’s kingdom to fulfill
Give us this day our For my daily bread.
We eat today Form of the body and
Form of the soul Lord Us Give

Who wronged us Let them forgive
Who wronged us Forgive us As our souls clean
Forgive our sins Have you cleared the record of our sins
Us not into temptation
Your soul, not any of us become black
From evil Us
Please rescue us from the devil’s land
All of this is not my will
According to the will of the Father
All of these things are
My plan is not Father’s plan,Will Intact Run the

As the first Now and always Forever, Amen!
In the beginning, as Now, along with the existing Pray together forever future Aton!
(Amen is Amen religion worshiping the bull god dark mass in progress – the Illuminati Crying cow sustained prayer to finish the last load.
Aton is Egyptian god Enki Master of god Another name.God Aton The original monotheism)

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