Lucifer – The Truth Will Set You Free !

Have you ever tried looking for information about Lucifer online ? Yes there is a lot of information around but mostly the source of information comes from the Christian view point.

Then if you have tried to find a Luciferian Organization and found they often focus on Lucifer in a dark prospective. Even still some Luciferian Organizations draw on the use of Satanic rituals and see Daemons in the Christian prospective of Demons.

In this video I have pushed all of what I have mentioned above aside as it is all heavily based on influence from the Christian religion.

In order to find the real truth in regards to Lucifer we have to go way back in time before the influence of the early Christian Church. This is not an easy task as a lot of the truth in the form of ancient documents was burnt by the early Christian movement in order to dominate the world with their teachings.

I realize that the very mention of the name Lucifer or myself doing a video on Lucifer may seem controversial to some of my viewers. This is all due to the very reasons that I have mentioned above, the wrong information that has been planted in peoples heads over the many centuries.

Now is the time to embrace the truth, as the truth will set you free. Then illumination and enlightenment will be sure to follow,

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