Linda Godfrey – Shape Shifting Werewolves – EPIC Voyages Radio

EPIC Voyages Radio kicks into high gear as the industrious truth-seeking sleuth Carole Carle loads up on silver bullets to hunt down the grisly shape shifting werewolves chronicled by researcher Linda Godfrey.

is an author, investigator and artist with a penchant for Lhasa Apsos and werewolves, living in the Kettle Moraine area of SE Wisconsin. Her books include Weird Wisconsin and Weird Michigan Strange Cover in the B&N Weird US series, sequels Strange Wisconsin and Strange Michigan (Trails Books), Trails titles The Poison Widow, The Beast of Bray Road, and Hunting the American Werewolf, and three volumes in a new Chelsea House YA series, Werewolves, Lake and Sea Monsters, and Mythical Creatures…

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