John Wesley Investigates Supernatural Exorcisms

John Wesley Investigates Supernatural Exorcisms | Through the Year with John Wesley

Following on with the theme of how we make wise moral decisions, we consider how Wesley applied them in his own daily living.

When dealing with the supernatural and people afflicted with seeing the Devil and exorcising demons, Wesley keeps a clear, rational head.

In this episode of Through the Year with John Wesley, we explore how he applies the test of Gamaliel, Acts chapter 5. In fact when John Wesley investigates supernatural exorcisms this might be the best rational test of all, whether we believe in God or not.

This episode also examines the great life themes that emerge from Wesley’s insatiable curiosity about the natural and supernatural.

Through the Year with John Wesley explores many different features of the Methodist Church, especially in its New Zealand context.
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We can rightly be amazed at how much the founder of the Methodist Church Rev John Wesley achieved with his reading and writing.

Wesley, in his 1765 address to the clergy laid out an informal curriculum for clergy training. And it included three key elements we may not have expected: Science, Nature and Geometry.
Wesley lived through massive social changes, all part of the industrial, scientific and societal revolutions of the period. His books, tracts, sermons, surveys, letters and journals are part and parcel of this huge literary outpouring.

Had he done nothing else, this dapper, small framed 18th century English clergyman is beyond compare for literary output, particularly his Journal.

There is nothing quite like Wesley’s journals. They detail a rich social history along with a theological and practical response to the issues Wesley saw on his incredible road trips. Clocking up over a quarter of a million miles on horseback, the reach of Wesley’s vision is nowhere more apparent than in his detailed journals.

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