I Was Hired to Investigate America's Most Haunted House in Paranormal P.I?!


I Was Hired to Investigate America’s Most Haunted House in Paranormal P.I Gameplay! Beautiful OB must enter a haunted house to find a ghost. Will he be able to find the ghost and escape in Paranormal P.I gameplay?
• Conrad Stevenson’s Paranormal P.I. Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk5LVFGh8Rs&list=PL3iIaXpPwSHHvfnFcVjA8wMJZgr_JeFCQ&index=1
About Conrad Stevenson’s Paranormal P.I.
This ghost hunting simulation is a first-person single player experience. You’re equipped with an EMF Meter, Thermometer, Audio Recorder, Camera, and a Flashlight collecting evidence to satisfy homeowners concerns.
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