Horrific future stars Sun. When our star dies and what are the implications for the solar system

Appokaliptichesky final portion of our galaxy, perhaps this will be the most dramatic event in the history of the solar system. We now have clues to what will be the death of our star. Her death will not bring any good to our planet, we will have just two deaths, one from the other fire from the cold. Cutting-edge scientific achievements allow to predict all the horrors awaiting our planet when the sun will bring down on her last thread of his rage.

The sun – a yellow dwarf, which produces energy by thermonuclear reactions in its core. This is the reaction of hydrogen into helium. According to studies in one second the sun consumes 600 million tons of hydrogen. Hydrogen in the Sun is enough to make it shine for another 5 billion years. And what will happen then?

Scientists give a forecast … solar core will gradually shrink, releasing more heat. The outer shell of the Sun, on the contrary, will expand. The sun will be huge. Hydrogen consumption will increase by hundreds of times. Mercury and Venus to disappear – they just melt. Then the earth will turn on which there will be no life. Living beings will die of heat and solar radiation. The sun will turn from yellow dwarf to a red giant. Its diameter will be equal to two distances from the Earth to the sun.

The temperature inside the sun will rise gradually to 1 million Kelvin. At this temperature, the helium starts burning process, which was previously produced from hydrogen. Sun will periodically that contract, then expand. After that, payment for the core of the Sun will be incredibly huge, and the size of the solar core will be from Earth. After billions of years the Sun will cool down and become a white dwarf.

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