Holistic Health and Harmony – Clairvoyance

Together we discuss the different aspects or experiences that may happen when discovering or working with clairvoyance.
This week we discuss Clairvoyance and althuogh we have a bit of problems getting out tongue around the right pronounciations, we bring you a lighter and more experienced based talked on the senses.
clairvoyance (clear seeing, or psychic vision)
clairaudience (clear hearing, or psychic hearing)
clairsentience (clear feeling/sensing or psychic feeling/sensing, including
claircognizance (clear knowing or psychic knowing)
clairgustance (clear tasting or psychic tasting)
clairalience (clear smelling or psychic smelling, sometimes also called clairscent)

Rayleen Kable and Carolyn Flynn Clairvoyant come together sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience in matters of holistic health and harmony.
Rayleen Kable, www.rayleenkable.com.au working over two decades as a Medium/Clairvoyant, Rayleen uses a number of other tools to help her clients including; hypnotherapy, reiki, tarot, crystal healing, space clearing and psychometry.

Her abilities have earned Rayleen opportunities to work on both radio and TV as well as a speaker and teacher at a number of national expos and conferences including;
• The One
• Sensing Murder
• Psychic TV
• Haunting; Australia
• The Body, Mind and Spirit Festival (nationally)
• The Kyle and Jackie O Show

Rayleen now balances her private practice with teaching, workshops, special appearances and her exclusive “Paramysterious” tours.

Carolyn Flynn, www.carolynclairvoyant.com known as One of Australia’s Most Giving Clairvoyants who has built a 24-year plus reputation for being ethical, well trusted and respected as a teacher in her modalities and as a naturally gifted clairvoyant. Carolyn is an accomplished Author and creator of several decks.
• Media experience in Television (PsychicTV) 2012,
• Radio (1999- 2000) Live Talk back Show Carolyn’s Cosmos 2GZ and 105.9 Star FM
• Featured articles in Silent Voices Magazine (UK), Enchanted Crystals, Carolyn Clairvoyant’s Blog
• Themed Cruises Australia – P&O- 2013 in live presentations called Psychic Unleashed.
• World-wide following via successful social media outlets including YouTube – Carolyn Clairvoyant

Carolyn’s Professional Portfolio: Clairvoyant, Teacher and respected in my field for over 24 years working with Tarot, Playing Cards, Numerology, Astrology, Colourology, Crystals and other metaphysical and divination healing aspects.

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