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Feb 24, 2021 – American Airlines flight 2292 encounters mystery object


NASA Mars Perseverance rover lands on Mars on Thursday, February 18, 2021
– Set to look for microbial love in Jezero Crate
– NASA hoping to return samples to Earth one day

COVID-19 updates
– President Biden conducts candlelight ceremony to commemorate over 500,000 US deaths to date
– CDC advising to keep wearing masks thought 2021

American Airlines flight 2292 reported UFO at over 36,000 feet near Des Moines, New Mexico
– Flight originate in Cincinnati, flying to Phoenix
– Steven Douglass picked up broadcast in Albuquerque
– Reported on
– “Looking light a cruise missile…moving really fast”
– “encounter with unknown flying object”
– Interview with Steven Douglass
– “As if the air traffic control…did not now how to answer this”
– “the FAA gets involved.. that’s a major headache”
– “a very strange call”
– “I’ve heard several incidents like this”
– American Airlines not denying possible UFO spotting
– Fox News confirmed radio transmission is authentic
– “Following a debrief…this radio transmission was from American Airlines flight 2292…for additional information reach out to the FBI”
– FAA spokesperson: “A pilot reported seeing an object…FAA air traffic controllers did not see any object in the area on their scopes”

Antarctica: Alien Secrets Beneath the Ice
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