Fake Magicians but REAL DEMONS (Dynamo, …) ep 6 of 6

All credits goes to Xendrius:

These are not magicians, these are not tricks, these are not mind manipulation or illusion… those new magicians like Dynamo are not human beings but are jinns/devils under human shape, or people possessed by jinns and working with them. In short, those who really produces the trick are not humans but JINNS, DEVILS, ALIENS.

Their goal is to desensitize the people to any kind of supernatural event, that way, nothing would surprise us, the true miracles of the prophets of God will pass for a trick among many others while in reality it’s not the case.

The magick of the devls is limited to the ability of the jinns: to charm our eyes, our senses, our perceptions, to move objects, to gather information, to communicate with each others in order to vehiculate informations (like about the deaths, the unknown)…but at the end, they do nothing extraordinary, can they open the sea like Moses did it? can they resurrect the deaths like Jesus did? can they reveal the unknown like Muhammad did? NO! Can they know the future? No

The devils want us to thing that they are omnipotent like God, but they are absolutely not, they are flawed just like us, they are not perfect.

This new trend with magicians openly working with jinns, all these ufos apparitions, so called abductions, the channels, the new superhumans, the indigos…. are a sign that the devils are about to finally come back openly in the visible world, but not presented as demons (which is their true nature), deceivers, but as extraterrestrials, evoluated souls, sons of God… BEWARE!!!!

Put your faith in God alone and obey and believe in his last and unflawed revelation, the Quran (the bible has been distorted by the devils, that’s whay God has sent the Quran and has protected it).

This is the last episode in this series that will cover “magicians”, there’s simply too much content ID blocks going on for me to actually be able to make videos about magicians. If people want to see more demon magic, youtube is full of them.

I may be able to make shorter videos about it, we’ll see.

The new series will be called something else and go into how the UFO, ghost and channeling phenomena are connected to eachother and the Illuminati/NWO conspiracy. I will show the best footage I have come across in all my 8 years of research.

Source material:

A trip into the supernatural
Derren Brown – Enigma
Dynamo Magician Impossible
Yif art of Magic
Derren Brown – Seance
The Scole Experiment
David Blaine – Real of Magic
Concetta Bertoldi (Random clips from youtube)
Jordan Maxwell – UFOs past present and future

THIS VIDEO IS UNDER “FAIR USE” (COPYRIGHT LAW) Any attempt to have this video blocked for any copyright reason is an illegal act. If you don’t know what FAIR USE is:

The clips used in this video do not infringe or replace any copyright or original videos found on youtube, infact they are indirectly promoting/advertising all “franchises” presented.

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