Explanation of 50 Crop Circles from deep space transmission☆

Few quotes from the book “the only planet of choice” a transmission of Tom -the spokesman of The Council of Nine from deep space(through phyllis channeling).This vid explain in the 2:05 to 2:20 that a lot of crops are made from 12 point or parts who are around one big point or near a point that’s mean the harmony that form god , it’s simple, another 11 culture with us and in the middle god, the big light…
explanation of crop circles

3 reasons who are proof that crop circles are not made by people :

1. They are made only at a deep night and in a short time less than a night that’s for sure ( farmer’ experience).

2. for be able to see those accurate geometric forms you have to take picture by helicopter…… to be not less than 300 meters height.

3. Scientists checked the ground under those crops and find there is a magnetic field on the land

Dvora Elyashar….love and light..

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