EMERGENCY LANDING BATTERY system tested. Crop Circles also discovered by the RQ-11 Raven drone.

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*Please read before commenting* My LANDING BATTERY SYSTEM is demonstrated on the Raven. It was not designed to increase flight time, but it will. When the main battery goes low, switch to the landing battery and land. The RQ-11 drone also is known as the “Raven.” It is one of the most advanced of the USA’s UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).
This plane flies sweet and is very fast. It reminds me of a Firebird Phantom on Steroids! It has lots of lift and can glide a long time. It has ample space to put cameras and both motor test batteries. Battery 1 had a 40 C rating and Battery 2 a 30. That C rating actually means how fast the current can get through the wires and why the sound difference of the motors when switched with full batteries.
At half throttle, I can cruise almost out of sight at altitude for an hour. Instead of switching batteries when the first one gets low, I also can switch back and forth with my servo switch. I let each battery run 4 minutes and switch them. That way, I am able to give each set of batteries a chance to cool between runs, thus lengthening the battery life.

So whether you want to back up a receiver with a small safety battery, or backup your entire motor for longer flights or emergency landings, this simple setup can work.

The DPST switch is rated at 5A at 120 volt. By bridging the terminals you will double that rating to 10 amp. The batteries are rated at only 3.3 and 2.1 amp, so even 1 side of the switch is sufficient, but for best luck, (I like backups) connect them both and the switch will run cooler too. Also, due to many questions about the switch I used for my LANDING BATTERY, I also provide some actual testing and results for your information.
The DPST switch is rated at 5A at 120 volts. By bridging the terminals I doubled that rating to10 Amp hour.. So at 12V that is about 550 watts, so 1/2 of my switch can actually handle 45 AHr and with my jumpers, it is capable of 90 AHr. Since my maximum draw of onlt 15 amps means little to the switch. So here again is the proof of concept and because it works flawlessly, it is hard to argue with success. Many armchair pilots and amateurs still will, where in my case, I actually try it for myself. So can you. To see more on my battery backups, see my video on the subject right here.
So here again is proof of concept. To see more on battery backups, see my video on the subject right here.

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