David Hoffmeister ACIM Spirituality, Healing in Mind Meditation

Immerse in mediation with this beautiful reading from the classic book – “Healing in Mind” by David Hoffmeister. Allow the gentle movement from relaxation to the experience of true Spiritual Presence beyond the words.

Here is a relaxing excerpt from the reading:

Thanks for sharing and venting what is on your heart. You are dearly loved and fully appreciated. Your questions get to the subtleties of the mind training required for Awakening, because in dreaming things are not as they seem to be.

Everything that appears in this world of dreams is given its meaning by the mind of the dreamer. And the dreamer is asleep and dreaming of forms aplenty, unaware of the Abstract Light of Mind Awake. The sleeping dreamer believes in both love and fear, dissociates these feelings, projects the split onto the dream, and perceives a world of opposites as “reality.” Thus beautiful and ugly, good and bad, sunny and rainy, clear and foggy, unpleasant and pleasant, etc. seem to be real descriptions of real sights and sounds and smells and conditions in the dream. There are even ‘spiritual’ paths that tell students to “accentuate the positive” and “eliminate the negative,” as if it is possible to tell them apart.

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