Crystal Skull Research – Asheville, NC 11/09

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In the middle of November of 2009, we (Joshua Shapiro with Katrina Head) had a chance to visit the Asheville area of North Carolina. In March of this year, Joshua met Joshua P. Warren of Lemur Labs who was doing a lecture about material they received from another UFO crash in NM in the 40’s – this video was taken by Ron Hill of Night Vision Explorations (he and his wife sponsored Joshua and Katrina to Asheville) of one test done with the crystal skull called “Portal de Luz” – this wheel is sensitive to energy and moves – in this video first you see the wheel move by itself clockwise but then it moves quiet quickly counterclockwise – so is this showing the crystal skulls are truly eminating some type of electric-magnetic forcefield — for the full report of this research and the other reports of the travelers of the crystal skull explorers – sign up for our free newsletter which is linked to the bonuses mentioned above.

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— Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head, the crystal skull explorers