Bohemian Grove – Just The Tip Of The Iceberg Of Government Occult Practices

Is the United States of America, by design, set to fulfill an ancient, esoteric prophecy, charted by mystics of ages past? Does Washington, DC hold the encoded secrets of the greatest conspiracy of all time? Filmmaker and researcher Justen Faull joins Jim Paris Live.

For thousands of years, mystery religions and diverse occultists have shrouded prophecies of a great continent of the Western Hemisphere that would become the catalyst of a final kingdom. This globally sovereign empire is poised to lead the entire world into a golden age of spiritual enlightenment, posturing itself as a true Utopia while it ushers in a revival of ancient magick rites, as well as a return to the worship of old gods and goddesses.

Tin this groundbreaking, action-packed documentary, Belly of the Beast, you will learn for the first time:

-Why a Bible is BOUND in the base of the Washington Monument

-Where and why an UNDERGROUND obelisk awaits nearby

-Where the ENTRANCE to a Secret Crypt exists connected to the UNDERWORLD

-The origins of American Lucifer worship connected to sthe Deep State

-What frightening future lurks behind globalism and the NWO

-And, for the first time EVER, the US government-owned location where the Antichrist will, in the main ritual of the ages, be resurrected on American soil!

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